Blogger storage size limit

Blogger storage size limit
In this article, I will explain how to upload pictures and videos without worrying about the storage size limit of your blog.

Where to store pictures and videos

pictures and videos uploaded to Blogger are stored in the Google Albums archive.

In other words, they are stored in Google Drive.

Is there a storage size limit for Blogger? The answer to the question is

In conclusion, yes, but not practically.

The space used by Blogger is included in your Google One usage.

Google One is Google's storage service, including Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photo.

You will be allotted 15GB (gigabytes) of free space for free accounts.

Since Blogger's space is included in Google Drive's space, if your Google One space is over, you will not be able to write new posts on Blogger.

You can check your Google One usage at the following link

But don't worry.

We can upload pictures and videos to our blogs without worrying about the size.

Practically unlimited uploads are possible.

The pictures and videos you upload to your article will be stored in Google Drive.

However, the following conditions will not be counted as Google Drive space.

  • If the photo is less than 2048 pixels in either height or width.
  • If the video is less than 15 minutes in length.

Now you don't have to worry about storage space when blogging.

Upgrading storage size

Your blog's storage size becomes insufficient if you upload many high-size pictures or videos.

In that case, you can increase the size by moving to a paid plan.

You can consider this option as well.

※However, articles with high-sized pictures and videos are not recommended from an SEO perspective because of poor page performance.

Other limitations

  • Number of blogs - 100 blogs per account
  • Number of Labels - 5,000 unique labels per blog (up from the original 2,000), 20 unique labels per post (max 200 words).
  • Number of Articles - There is no limit to the number of articles per blog. However, the maximum number of articles created and published per day is 100
  • Pages - There is no limit to the number of pages you can have in a single blog.
  • Favicon - square image of 100KB or less

※Account Suspension: If your site violates the Terms of Service, you may be suspended by Blogger without notice. 

Repeated violations may lead to the suspension of your Google account.


    As long as you keep the following two conditions, you can run your blog without worrying about its storage size forever.

    • If the photo is less than 2048 pixels in either height or width.
    • If the video is less than 15 minutes in length.

    I hope this article will be helpful to you.

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