Ethereum's low gas price time

You will often see "Gas" when you send money to Ethereum. 

What is Gas? Here is an explanation of gas for those who may be wondering.

The first blockchain technology to be created and implemented was Bitcoin, and now countless cryptocurrencies have been created and exist.

Among them, Ethereum is the one that improves and smoothes out the disadvantages of Bitcoin's transactions. 

Ethereum has adopted a transaction fee mechanism called Gas.

About the name Gas

The name "Gas" is derived from Gasoline.

Gasoline is the fuel for cars and other vehicles.

It is a simple image that the more fuel you supply, the faster you can transfer money.

Gas is a transaction fee

In the Ethereum blockchain, this is what transaction fees mean.

The fee is the cost of executing a transaction or processing a program when you make a transaction. In the case of PoWs, this fee is paid to the miner.

The commission is determined by the amount of gas x the Gas price. 

The amount of gas is Gas Limit and Gas Price in terms of terminology.

The Gas Limit is the maximum amount of gas that the user can use from the wallet by sending the money and can be set freely.

Gas Price is the price of 1Gas, which the user can freely set, and the Gas price can be freely changed and decided by the user sending the money.

Mining will prioritize transactions with a higher Gas price, so the higher the price setting, the higher Mining will select the priority, and the transaction will proceed. It is the natural logic behind the miner verifying the Ethereum transfer to earn more mining fees.

Naturally, the higher the commission, the higher the priority of the miner.

In addition, the price of gas fluctuates depending on the market and concentration, so it's best to check the price from time to time before sending money.

A free website called Ethereumprice provides all kinds of information about Ethereum prices.

From the name, you can tell that it is a site that specializes in Ethereum price information with the words "Ethereum" and "price."

This Ethereumprice is very easy to understand for checking the Gas price, so I will write an article to introduce it.

What is the Gas price?

Ethereum's fee is determined by the Gas price and the amount of gas.

The Gas price is a unit of Gwei. For more information, please see here.

Gwei (Giga) is the billionth wei of wei, the smallest unit of Ethereum.

The third power of 10 is kilo, the sixth power of 10 is mega, and the ninth power of 10 is Giga. In familiar terms, G (Giga) is used nowadays for things like the size of the capacity of a USB drive.

Incidentally, the twelfth power of ten on top of that is terra.

If you are wondering what Gas is, please refer to this article for more details.

What is Ethereumprice?

The official website of Ethereumprice(

Ethereumprice is very easy to understand because it visually displays the Gas price.

It is a chart of Ethereum Gas, showing the most recent Gas price (unit: Gwei).

You can see that the price of gas has been rising in some places.

You can see the Gas price status by day of the week and time of day for further clarification.

The dark red color indicates the day of the week and the time of the day when Gas prices are rising.

What-is-EthereumpriceNote that the time written here is "Charts are set to your local timezone.

Since I am currently in Japan, Japan time is displayed.

In U.S. time, Gas prices are higher in the evening and at night.

Therefore, Ethereum Price is beneficial to understand the price chart and trend, so please try it.

There are also other sites like ETH Gas STATION that are easy to understand regarding Gas prices and Gas limits.

What is ETH Gas STATION?

ETH Gas STATION is called "Ethereum Gas Station" or "Ether Gas Station." 

I'm in the camp that calls it an Ether Gas Station.

Ethereum Gas is the English word for Gasoline

What can you learn from ETH Gas STATION?

ETH-Gas-STATIONYou can find the following information at ETH Gas STATION.

You can check the following information.

Transaction time, lowest Gas Price (Gwei), highest Gas Price (Gwei), lowest commission, highest commission, number of transactions.