Difference Between Page and Post in Blogger

Difference Between Page and Post in Blogger
This article will explain the difference between a "Page" and a "Post" and how to use them.

About Page

Page is simply static content, which does not require regular updating.

Pages such as the About page, Contact page, Privacy policy page, and Term of use page do not need to be updated frequently.

Features of Page

  1. Page is a static content of a website.
  2. Page does not require to be updated regularly.
  3. Page does not need to have a comments section.
  4. Pages such as privacy policy and terms of use do not need to be shared as they do not provide value to the readers all the time. Pages only provide value to the website.
  5. Pages are not included in the RSS feeds.
  6. Pages are timeless as freshness does not require pages.
  7. Pages are arranged in hierarchical order.
  8. Pages do not have a dedicated author section.

About Post

Post is dynamic content that is published on a website or blog regularly. 

Post is also updated periodically to keep the old blog posts fresh and updated.

Posts are used to tell stories about a business product or service improvement.

You can also use posts to tell stories about yourself, current events, and reviews.

Features of Post

  1. Posts contain the author's name, Discipline, and experience.
  2. Blog posts are published regularly to keep a website fresh and your readers informed.
  3. Posts are updated regularly.
  4. Posts have a comments section. It is where your blog readers can express their feelings and think about your posts or website.
  5. The new posts are listed on top of the older blog posts.
  6. Posts can be shared on social media and online forums to increase blog traffic. Unlike pages, which are sometimes confidential such as the privacy policy page.
  7. It helps your boog readers and search engines understand the freshness of your content.
  8. Posts are included in the RSS feeds. It helps your blog readers get notified when you publish a new blog post.

Other differences

Differences in Settings

The following table summarizes the differences between "Page" and "Post" settings.

Published on-
Search Description

Other differences

Blogger pages, like posts, are not displayed or searched on the blog just by publishing them.

Blogger pages are not published until a link to the page is set up on the blog header or side menu through the Page Gadget.


We have explained the difference between a "Page" and a "Post" in Blogger. Please refer to the official Blogger help page for information on creating a "page."

  • Static content such as Privacy Policy is written on Page.
  • Dynamic content such as general Articles is written on Post.

Using Blogger separately would be good to use "Page" and "Post."

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