Error list of blogger blogspot

Error list of blogger blogspot
I would like to introduce an error that exists in blogger. I will add errors as I find them in the future.

Thumbnail images are not displayed

This mainly happens after changing the theme.

1. Please set the image size to Large, X-Large, or Original Size.

2. Please use images with a weight of 600px or more.

blogger Photo size adjustment

3. Please do not use lazyload.

Please modify the following in blogger.


  • <a href="#internal_link">Internal_link</a>

After (Enter your URL in red text)

  • <a href="">Internal_link</a>

Commonly available permalinks are

  • a-z A-Z 0-9
  • - _ .  ~ (* "! ' ( ) *" can be used in RFC 2396)

But blogger's permalink is following


  • 0-9
  • a-z A-Z + 0-9


  • a-z A-Z
  • - . 

Collapsed article list screen

Text is displayed in italic or bold in some themes, or the list screen is corrupted.

ThisThis is the use of data:post.body for snippets that represent specific tags.

The following tags are displayed when data:post.body is used.

  • <b>... </b>
  • <i>... </i>
  • <u>... </u>
  • <strong>... </strong>
  • <strike>... </strike>
  • <em>... </em>
  • <s>... </s>
  • <del>... </del>

Please modify as follows


  • <b:eval expr='snippet(data:post.body


  • <b:eval expr='snippet(data:post.snippets.long

The link does not appear in the article

Blogger links have two attributes for adding links.

  • href='...' or expr : href='...'

The link does not appear in the article because expr:href='...' is the cause.

First, Delete the expr: 

The reason for using this attribute is to shorten the URL.

A few seconds ago appears in the timestamp of the comment

This error is that the "timesago.js" script does not recognize the date format.

1. Click on Settings in the menu on the left.

2. Click on Timestamp format.

3. Change the time format to your preference.
comment time stamp blogger

4. Click SAVE.

The sitemap page does not appear

The sitemap groups articles in order of label a-z A-Z 0-9.

After installing the sitemap script and changing the feed URL, it may show as loading.

Check the following

  • Set Allow blog feed to full in the site feed.

blogger site feed

  • Label each article.

If there are unlabeled articles, the sitemap script will not work correctly.

To learn more about blogger, check out the post below.