List of IT Jobs and Required Skills

List of IT Jobs and Required Skills
IT stands for Information Technology, Refers to all technologies related to information processing, mainly using computers and the Internet. 

What is an IT job title?

The use of the Internet continues to expand with the spread of personal computers and smartphones, and IT-related occupations are also making great strides to support this growth. 

However, the job categories are subdivided by field. 

Therefore, the skills, knowledge, and experience required for each type of work differ. 

Still, the work environment also varies significantly, such as whether the person works in a large team or individually, and what kind of computer and software they use.

IT jobs are found in companies in various industries, with companies in the information processing services industry, also known as system integrators, and companies that build and operate websites being typical examples. 

Other examples include manufacturers (hardware) that handle information processing equipment such as smartphones and PCs and their peripherals, the software and telecommunications industry that develops software that runs on information processing equipment and provides information and communication services, and C to C sites that mediate the buying and selling of goods between individuals (e-commerce sites). 

They play various roles in numerous industries, including companies operating flea market applications.

What do IT jobs do?

IT occupations can be broadly divided into upstream, downstream, operation and maintenance, and sales. 

The upstream process involves defining and designing system requirements. 

System engineers and others are in charge of this process, drawing precise blueprints and managing the entire process until completion. Programmers mainly handle the downstream process. 

Flowcharts show the processing procedures are created based on the blueprints, and programming is done using a specialized language. 

Repeated testing and debugging are conducted to create the finished product. 

System maintenance and operation staff make adjustments and perform periodic inspections during installation to ensure smooth operation of the completed system. 

In addition, sales engineers accompany sales staff and support them by providing explanations and answering questions related to technical aspects. 

Other IT consultants and system maintenance personnel work for various companies, from small and medium enterprises to large corporations, and provide IT strategy planning, effectiveness analysis, system construction, and outsourcing of system operation. 

There are also positions such as consultants, customer engineers, who help customers fully use computer systems, and customer support, who respond to customer inquiries about products and services. 

Another job category gaining attention in recent years is data scientist. 

Data scientists are responsible for organizing, analyzing, and analyzing the vast amounts of big complex data collected and accumulated by companies and institutions, processing it into data that can be used for business purposes, and creating reports.

What industries can I work in?

Software and telecommunications industry

The software and telecommunications industry has the most significant number of IT-related jobs. 

Because of this, there is a wide range of companies and job types to choose from, and it is essential to select a job that fits your aptitude.

Manufacturer Industry

The manufacturer (hardware) industry also has many IT-related positions that involve the manufacture of information processing equipment such as PCs and smartphones and peripheral devices such as keyboards and mice. 

The manufacturing industry is also expected to address issues such as human resource shortages and profitability improvement through IT.

Distribution and retail industry / Trading company industry

In the distribution/retail industry and trading company industry, there has been a shift to a non-face-to-face sales style in recent years, partly due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. 

The market is sharpening its focus on management.

Financial Industry

One of the fundamental operations of the financial industry is the establishment, maintenance, and management of trading and settlement systems. 

In addition, as typified by fintech, there is a demand for IT to address issues such as improving operational efficiency and profitability.

Advertising, Publishing, and Mass Media Industries

In the advertising, publishing, and mass media industries, advertising placements are shifting from traditional TV, newspapers, magazines, and radio to the Internet.

As a result, the importance of IT-related positions in the industry is increasing.

What types of jobs are available?

  1. IT Consultant
  2. Data Scientist
  3. Programmer
  4. Network Engineer
  5. System maintenance and operation
  6. System Consultant
  7. Customer Engineer
  8. System Engineer
  9. Sales Engineer
  10. Customer Support
  11. WEB Designer

The following articles describe each job description and what skills are required.