The Best number of words for a blog

the best number of words for a blog

"What is the best word count for a blog?"

I will discuss the appropriate number of words in a blog post to address these concerns.

This article is for anyone who wants to!

  • I want to know the optimal number of words for a blog post.
  • I want to get my blog to the top of the list.
  • I want to know if the more words in a blog, the more effective it is for SEO.
  • I want to know how to write a blog displayed at the top of the list.

If you want your blog to rank highly, you should understand character count and SEO.

The second half of the article mentions recommended character count tools.

There is no best word count for a blog post

In conclusion, there is no best word count for a blog.

This is because the number of words does not determine whether a blog will be ranked high or not but is determined by the article's content.

Now, let me introduce you to why there is no optimal solution for the number of words in a blog post and how to think about it.

SEO is not directly related to the number of words in a blog.

Google does not choose which blogs to rank higher based on character count.

This is something that Google's John Mueller suggests on YouTube and Twitter.

He said, "Google looks at the entire page and evaluates articles that fit the user's search intent, not the number of characters."

So what does an article that fits search intent look like that is effective for SEO?

Here is a summary of essential points on how Google determines search rankings.

Essential points that determine search rankings

  • Does it contain information that users want to know?
  • Are keywords included in headlines and body text?
  • Is the article professional and credible?
  • Is the content rich in originality?

Thus, to appear at the top of the list, it is more important than the blog's content answers the user's concerns and questions well than the number of words.

Even if the number of characters is small, it will be displayed higher if the content is good

Blogs can be ranked highly even with few characters depending on the keywords and content.

For example, if the keywords you want to know are simple, such as "camping meaning" or "New York weather," concise information is more likely to satisfy your needs and be evaluated.

From this, you can see that to be evaluated by Google, and it is more important to create content that meets the needs of users rather than the number of words.

Three reasons why blogs with more text are considered more effective for SEO

So far, I have discussed that the number of words has nothing to do with a blog's high ranking.

However, many of you may be thinking, "I heard that blogs with more characters are more effective for SEO..."

Let me go on and firmly explain why it is said that Google evaluates a blog with a large number of words.

1. Because it is packed with helpful information

A large number of characters means that the content covers a wide variety of information.

Top-ranking articles are not written to have a large number of words.

However, by comprehensively writing information to fulfill a need, the result is content with many words, effective SEO.

Thus, even though the number of characters does not matter for SEO, a certain amount of article volume is necessary to solve all the readers' problems.

2. Because multiple related keywords are listed to increase the number of inflows

Related keywords are related to or associated with users' keywords.

For example, related keywords for "camping" include "camping equipment" and "camping food.

Writing comprehensive information makes it not uncommon for multiple related keywords to be included.

This makes it easier to meet the search needs of a broader range of users, which increases the number of incoming visitors and is often evaluated by Google as a result.

3. Because only necessary and sufficient information is included

While helpful information should be packed, it is also essential that the data be just what the user needs.

It is not recommended to unnecessarily increase the number of words.

This may make the user read the information they are not looking for.

As a result, users may lose motivation to read the blog and leave the site.

If you want your blog to rank highly, think not about the number of words but whether you provide enough information that users want and need.

Although the number of words in a blog has no direct bearing on SEO, it is good to check the number of words as a guide to whether the information is easy to read.

Here is a counting method to find out how many words your blog has.

If you want to find out how many words your competitor's article has, please check it out as well.


If you want to check the word count in Word, click "Review" on the top toolbar and select "Word Count." In the "Character Count (no spaces)" column, you will see the number of characters for the entire article.

count letters in word

If you only want to know the number of characters in one part of the article, drag the part and select "Review" and then "Character Count."

Google Docs

Google Docs is a free online writing tool.

To check the number of characters in Google Docs, click "Character Count" on the top toolbar.

count letters in google docs

In addition, if you check the box "Show character count as you type," the character count will be displayed in the lower-left corner of the writing screen.

Google Docs is a tool that I use to draft my blogs because it automatically saves the article.

"When using the [suggestion mode], which is convenient for multiple people, be aware that any changes you make to the text will also be reflected in the number."

Please refer to this article to explain "how to write a blog," which is often a problem for beginners.

What is the number of characters to be aware of other than the body of the blog?

If you want to create SEO-effective articles, it is also essential to be aware of the number of characters in the title and meta description.

Here I have picked out the optimal number of characters for titles and meta descriptions and the best way to write them for SEO. 

Check them out if you want your blog to rank higher.

Title should not exceed 60 characters

The reason we stated that the title should be no more than 60 characters is because there is a limit to the number of characters that can be displayed, as follows

The number of characters displayed

  • Up to 78 characters for Mobile
  • Up to 70 characters on a computer

Don't worry too much about the number of characters and give a title that does not convey the content well.

To learn more about blog post titles, please check here.

Meta description should not exceed 150 characters

A meta description is a summary of the article's content.

The text will be listed under the title when performing a Google search.

Number of characters to be displayed

  • About 120 characters on a Mobile
  • About 150 characters on a PC

Since more and more searches are conducted on Mobiles, a meta description of 150 characters or less is recommended.

However, rather than forcing the text to be short, try to make it attractive to the user.

It's not just about the number of words! How to write an influential blog for SEO

If you want to write a blog effective for SEO, it is essential to keep in mind a few points and the number of words.

No matter your genre, you can create articles that Google will appreciate if you keep these tips in mind!

Research the needs of your readers

Satisfying users' needs is of utmost importance to be evaluated by Google.

That is why you should conduct a needs assessment to describe information that users want to know, not what you want to write. 

It is OK if you can imagine what kind of problems users have.

Solve your readers' problems in one article

Create a single article that solves what the user wants to know based on the needs assessment.

If the answer is vague or does not contain all the information the user wants to know, the user will quickly jump to a different blog.

Be conscious of answering users' concerns and questions in a straightforward manner.

Be original in your content

The content of the article and the title and headline should not be written in the same sentence as the competitor's article.

Google values content rich in originality, so your search ranking will drop if the content is similar to other articles.

Competitor articles should be used only as a reference. 

It would help you write about your own experiences, methods, and ideas.

Make the text stress-free to read

Users will quickly leave a blog that is not smooth to read, not to mention misspelled words and phrases, as well as the same sentence-ending expressions over and over again.

In addition to enriching the content, it is also essential to create a blog that users can read without stress.

I recommend that you try reading your blog aloud once you have written it.


This article has told you about the optimal number of words for a blog post.

Let me conclude by summarizing the main points of this article.


  • There is no best word count for blog posts.
  • There is no direct relationship between SEO and word count.
  • It is essential to be aware of the quality of articles evaluated by Google.

If a blog post can solve a user's problem or question, it honestly doesn't matter how many words.

If you want your blog to rank high, think less about how many words to write and more about what your users' problems are and what you can tell them to solve their problems.

To learn more about blogging, check out the post below.